Nikolay Ivanov

PHP, NodeJS fullstack Developer and Team Leader


        I started learning php from version 3, little working in PHP version 4 ( PEAR, Sigma etc. ).
        Wrote projects based on Smarty, Zend Framework, Code Igniter.
        For the moment i like most Laravel framework due to the flexible simplicity.

Javascript / JS

        Used to build front end and/or back end from start to end including HTML, CSS, Javascript.
        Tried to write in plain javascript, but its to much time consuming so tested dojo, mootools, ExtJS, jQuery frameworks to decide witch is best for me.
        My biggest experience with javascript framework is with jQuery and ExtJS.


        Working on express applications for the past year and loving server and client javascript more and more.
        Tools to reduce the manual work tasks.
        Making home projects to test new tools and libraries.
        Like to use gulp ( sometimes bower if there is no npm package )

MySQL / PostgreSQL

        Most of the php related projects i worked on did use mysql.
        Worked on a project that used PostgreSQL.


       Working with mongodb for the past year and i really like the NoSQL database types.


       At the moment i try to use boostrap( sass version ) on all projects. Just override the defaults and try to use them as much as possible.


        Making a SFML 2D tower defense game in order to get the basics of the language.
        Next i want to make a hero defense game preferably 3D with OpenGL.

Prefered OS:

       Ubuntu Gnome
Build with mraiur@SDPN with Default v1.0 theme.