Web dev



Working full time with NodeJS. Most of the projects are ExpressJS. Looked at Adonis and StrongLoop as well make some minimal projects without frameworks to get better grasp of the problems that the they are solving.


I started learning php from version 3, little working in PHP version 4 ( PEAR, Sigma etc. ).

Wrote projects based on Smarty, Zend Framework, Code Igniter.

For the moment i like most Laravel framework due to the flexible simplicity.

Javascript/Client side:

I have worked several years with ExtJS and ReactJS.

Some hobby projects with VueJS.

Before the modern frameworks i tried to write in plain javascript, but its to much time consuming.


Prefer to use Bootstrap 3/4

Lately i make a basic sass project to reduce the files sizes and have a better grasp of the project and its needs.


Learning python in general, but with focus on Machine Learning


Making a SFML 2D tower defense game in order to get the basics of the language.

Next i want to make a hero defense game preferably 3D with OpenGL when i have time.



I use it for php projects currently all my hobby projects.


Worked on a project that used PostgreSQL.


Using it for several years with nodejs projects and like mysql it has some benefits and disadvantages.



We are using it in work, but i use it in my hobby projects for both learning and to reduce manual tasks.

Docker, Vagrant with combination with Ansible for learning and as an option for future projects.

Prefered OS:


Hardware projects:

Using RasberryPI and arduino.

I made a interactive media box for my child : https://github.com/orgs/BabyMediaBox/dashboard