My current plugins

At the moment my plugin list :

  • Package Manager Its the core for all plugin installations.
  • Automatic Backups Version control is one thing but a the direct "CRTL+Z" even if you reboot your pc is very useful
  • PlainTask A todo-list plugin with checks and groups etc. But to read it its not required to be opened from sublime
  • SideBarEnhancements Adds additional context-menu options
  • SublimeLinter A plugin helping you not to mage syntax errors. For JS adds standardization hints.
  • TernJs In JavaScript files, the package will handle autocompletion.
  • TodoReview Walk your code and gather information for TODO comments and not only.
  • Goto‚ÄčDocumentation A sublime text 2/3 plugin to jump to documentation for the current word.
  • SublimePHPCompanion